Specialty Fulfillment Center ™

Our Center Specializes in Accurate, Fast, and Economical Small Parcel Order Fulfillment and Warehousing

Efficient and Economical Service

Specialty Fulfillment Center™ specializes in helping fast-growing companies develop and execute accurate, economical, competitive, web-based order fulfillment strategies. SFC is inexpensive and customer service-oriented. We distribute your products to your clients quickly, accurately, and at affordable rates that allow you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

SFC offers a complete line of specialized services, including health and beauty, vitamin and supplement, Amazon, eCommerce, USPS, and private label fulfillment services. We also provide kitting, API integration, inventory management services, and more. Contact us today to learn more!

Your Complete Ecommerce Solution

Because we help many online merchants get organized and get online, we can offer our developers to assist you in setting up e-commerce systems that grow with you. If you're asking yourself how to launch an online catalog, process payments, or implement an effective online marketing program, SFC's dedicated specialists can help. We'll assist you in adding eCommerce to an existing site, building a new eCommerce site, implementing a web-based inventory management system, and more.

Additionally, we have a strong offering of pre-configured APIs and software integrations to support your inventory management, shipping, and eCommerce needs, including specific integrations for Shopify, Ultracart, Amazon, ClickBank, and SellerActive.

Fulfillment, Shipping, and Integration

Contact SFC to Streamline Your Order Fulfillment and Ship Your Orders, Faster

Inventory Management

Manage inventory for multiple sales channels in one convenient place.

EasyOrder Dashboard

One inventory management dashboard provides all the information needed to effortlessly grow your business.

Accelerated Fulfillment

Our 20 years of experience has produced a lighting fast and highly accurate order fulfillment process.

Customer Satisfaction

Earn more 5-Star reviews and higher customer satisfaction with fast, accurate order fulfillment.

Shopify Integration

Integrate your Shopify store with SFC using this step-by-step guide.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Online or in-store, multi-channel fulfillment makes it easy to track all inventory activity in one place.

"A level of service and expertise you will have difficulty getting anywhere else"

SFC is committed to delivering a full range of order fulfillment solutions in an easy-to-implement, cost-effective, and friendly manner.

Amazon Store Fulfillment

Fast and Easy Order Fulfillment From Your Amazon Store

Connecting your store with an order fulfillment service was a frustrating experience, until now. With SFC’s pre-configured APIs, you can be up and shipping in no time. Amazon shopping carts can be linked in minutes. And, if you have trouble we have a team of US-based IT experts ready to help.

Specialty Fulfillment Center can integrate directly with your Amazon account to fulfill your orders, and we have APIs for integration with existing shopping cart systems like UltraCart, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

How SFC Goes From Your Online Store to Your Customer’s Door


1. Connect

Connect your store, import your products, then send us your inventory.

2. Store

We store your inventory in our fulfillment.

3. Ship

As soon as a customer places an order, we ship it from the fulfillment.

SFC EasyOrder

Accurate and Economical Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management, Made Easy

Complete Reporting

SFC EasyOrder is an integrated, web-based reporting technology.

Check Inventory levels

Inventory data is available 24/7 from any device.

View Order Process

SFC EasyOrder integrates directly with your shopping cart.

Login to SFC EasyOrder

SFC EasyOrder is included for free with the services we provide.

"Order Fulfillment Just Got Easier"

Whether you're connecting a shopping cart, labeling products, checking inventory, or shipping worldwide, SFC has you covered for your small parcel fulfillment needs.

Experience Matters

Finally, An Order Fulfillment Center You Can Rely On


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