Now that a new year is upon us, it is important that your company analyze your fulfillment center operations. Companies are always looking to continue meeting the expectations of customers. One way to potentially improve your company is by analyzing your fulfillment center. Here are 10 questions to ask about your fulfillment center.

Are The Service Level Agreements Being Met?

You should make sure that key performance metrics like on-time shipping performance and order accuracy have already been established. Use more data to make sure that everything is going smoothly and profitability.

Can You Handle Volume Surges?

Your company needs a solution that can handle volume spikes without damaging anything. Look for a partner that can add warehouse space, and manage complex systems to handle volume spikes with ease.

Is There Enough Physical Space?

Scaling a business is difficult without the space to ship and store products. If your company can find the right outside fulfillment center partner, you can turn storage costs into a variable expense, which gives you more money to invest elsewhere.

Can You Meet The Demand For Fast Delivery?

Look at your company’s location and the number of inventory points. Your company may need to reach more geographic regions, as more facilities will reduce shipping costs.

Is The Shipping Budget Too Expensive?

Shipping is likely the largest fulfillment expense, so you should look at your shipping strategies. Look at leverage your buying, which can improve your rates.

Is The Equipment Great?

Look at your equipment and see how your operations are being impacted. Consider buying or leasing more equipment a few weeks before the next volume surge.

Are We Decreasing Fulfillment Costs?

Your logistics department should decrease fulfillment costs, which should help improve service. If your staff is too overwhelmed, considered brining in outside help.

How Are The Backup Systems?

A backup system is very important to help your company deal with potential disasters. If inclement weather impacts your orders, a good backup system will allows you to send the orders to non affected areas.

Is The Company Using Proper Time Management?

Fulfillment should not take away from your company’s growth. Your fulfillment center should be properly structured.

Does Your Company Have The Right Staff?

It takes the right group of talented, driven people to run a great fulfillment center. Remember, your partners can provide your company with daily advice on how to handle any issues.

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