Businesses need unique e-commerce software with features specifically designed to simplify tasks as consumers journey throughout the transaction phase. In order to run a store successfully, an owner must pick a tool with options that can enhance one of most popular business platforms, which include:

  • Small business
  • Enterprises
  • Blogs
  • Digital stores

Shopify Benefits Small Businesses

Shopify can be used by a growing business because the software only costs $29 a month. For this price, you’ll get a store, hosting, and a cart that processes payments. The big benefit is that Shopify is easy to use; anyone can configure the tools without having any tech skills.

Magento Helps Enterprises

Since Magento has highly advanced applications for a variety of industries, the prices vary. In order to use any of Magento’s tools, you’ll need your own website, hosting, and payment processor. Although Magento has many requirements, it’s a great option for enterprises because the developers always update the tools according to industry trends.

Woo Commerce has Tools for Blogs

Woo Commerce is an ideal tool for a casual e-commerce business because it’s free. However, to use Woo Commerce, you must have a payment gateway and a blog that’s powered by WordPress.

Many themes are offered with Woo Commerce for free; however, the paid options are more valuable because they’re designed with advanced capabilities.

Selz is Designed for Digital Stores

Selz can be used for free for a limited length of time. After five products are sold, users must pay $12.99 for unlimited selling options.

This e-commerce tool functions well on a traditional retail site and social media. Selz has a platform that works with the shopping cart as well.

When Selz processes orders, a user must pay a two percent fee following each transaction. Selz also charges a 2.9 percent fee for credit card processing and 30 cents for every sale.

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