When a business wants to maintain profitability while trying to minimize high costs that are associated with returns or remarketing products and services, it is extremely important to have a solid plan in place. One option to consider when creating a plan is to implement reverse logistics.

The concept of reserve logistics has created some confusion in the business world due to the nature of how the process actually works. However, having a clear understanding of reverse logistics can help take control of high-volume returns and remarketing efforts.

What is it?

Reserve logistics is referred to as the ability to transport products from their original location to evaluate their value as well as initiate the process to disposal of these products. Some companies have been faced with the challenges of figuring out how to utilize reverse logistics because of the potential involvement of having an outside provider to care of this process.

An experienced business fulfillment center or outside third party provider is able to handle the capabilities of reverse logistics. How does a company know when a business business fulfillment center or outside third party provider is up to the challenge of managing reverse logistics?

Here are a few tips to think about when choosing an experienced business fulfillment center or outside third party provider:

  • having a central location to limit logistics and handling costs
  • quick response time when it comes to handling warranty returns
  • provide updated sales reports that have detailed information about each product. Detailed information can include: model number, category and price point.
  • work with the company to ensure that the resale of the products is marketed effectively on online channels such as Amazon.

By working with the right business fulfillment center or outside third party provider, a company can effectively utilize reverse logistics to manage returns and to successfully achieve a higher return on investment.

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