1. Go to your Shopify Admin Page and click Settings.

2. Then, click Shipping.

3. Scroll down until you see Dropshipping and Fulfillment.

4. Click on where you see Add Dropshipping Service.

5. Look for the Custom Order Fulfillment section at the bottom of the page.

6. Click the tab for Add Custom Fulfillment Service.

7. Add the name or title of the custom fulfillment provider. For example, UPS.

8. Add the custom fulfillment provider’s email address to the right of the name.

9. Click the Add Fulfillment Service tab.

• As soon as you mark the order as fulfilled from the Shopify Admin, the fulfillment service will get an email with the order information. They will fulfill the order for you.

You can also set your items for fulfillment by custom service. Please see below for the instructions:

1. Go to your store’s product page. Choose the item you want to fulfill by custom service.

2. Go to the Variants section. Click the Edit icon next to the item to fulfill by custom service.

3. Go to the Shipping section. Choose which fulfillment service you want to use from the Fulfillment Service drop-down menu.

4. Click the Save icon.

How to manually fulfill an entire order

1. Go to Shopify Admin. Click Orders, or you can press G, O.

2. Do this from the Orders page. Look for the number of an order that has a Fulfillment Status of Unfulfilled.

3. Click the number. For example, if it says (2) to the right of Orders, click (2).

4. Click Continue within the Order Details section. It is right next to Buy Postage and ship order.

5. It will open the order Fulfilment page.

• You will see the order details with the amounts next to them.
• The system default setting has all items set as needing fulfillment.
• You can fulfill a part of the order and not all of it.

6. Choose Select Fulfillment Method, and then choose Buy and print shipping label.

7. If using a different carrier from Shopify, choose Mark as fulfilled. Enter the tracking number.

8. If you wish to email the customer, click Send a confirmation email to customer for this shipment.

9. The next step is to click Fulfill Items to mark your order as Fulfilled.

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