Anyone can set up and run a digital store using Shopify without possessing any technical prowess. With a little subscription of $29 per month, it helps merchants decide on a domain and store name, which design template to choose when the store is set up, and what to sell.

Customers also get an opportunity to connect directly with retailers through their digital stores. You no longer need to pay intermediaries to sell your products.

To be successful in any online business, you will need a fulfillment center. These centers help you outsource all your shipment needs. Integrating a fulfillment center is very easy and involves four simple steps as follows:

1. Register With a Fulfillment Center of Your Choice

You will need to identify a center that fits your needs. Register with them and confirm your registration after receiving a confirmation mail. This will grant you access to their services from your digital store.

2. Define Your Products

You will then have to define your products in the product catalog. There is an option of adding the products individually or using a spreadsheet.Indicating the weight of the products is also crucial because this is the basis on which cost will be calculated.

3. Identify Your Selling Tools

Indicate what platform you will use to sell your products. Since you will be using the Shopify application, add it as your selling tool. This will make it easier for the fulfillment center to track your customers’ orders.

4. Read the Agreement and Privacy Policy Before You Accept

This is the final step, and it involves reading the agreement and privacy policy before you click the accept button. By doing so, you will understand the rules of engagement.

A fulfillment center will make your shipping much easier and will allow you to concentrate on other important aspects of your business. You will save money because you will not hire extra staff to handle the shipment of orders. These centers also enable you to work more efficiently because they ensure that your customers get their orders on time. Additionally, inventory will be tracked, and this alerts you on when and at what intervals you need to restock.

If you’re interested in working with a fulfillment center who is painfully dedicated to your success as a business, please give us a call for a consultation.  Click HERE for our contact page.


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