For e-commerce to be successful it is important to plan; planning ensures that all parts that make e-commerce are successful. One of the critical areas of the e-commerce is inventory. A major concern among the e-commerce companies is the management of stocks.

This is because it determines the success of the business. Due to critical nature of the stock to the success of the firm, companies seeks to implement various techniques to establish a most suitable approach for their inventory. One of such techniques is the pooled inventory.

One of the reasons why e-commerce companies prefer the combined inventory is because it streamlines sales and automates data transfers in the entire e-commerce environment. An e-commerce business that has consolidated inventory enjoys the benefit of being in a position to conduct their stock activity from single locations. Thus inventory operations are easily managed. Processes such as purchasing, receiving, delivering, restocking and storage are easily handled by the businesses. For instance, since e-commerce sales significantly depend on the order fulfillment, companies are in a position to meet their customer orders with ease.

The e-commerce companies improve their delivery process by consolidating shipment. Consolidated shipment reduces the cost of logistic for the companies. There is also improved management of the companies’ supply chain.

Pooled inventory improves e-commerce by reducing the cost of holding stock. E-commerce companies do not have stock in multiple locations. This releases resources, which can be used to invest in other operations of the business. Another important thing to note is that business will increase efficiency in inventory management, such as handling products in the store. For example, the e-commerce companies do not have to invest their money in stock equipment.

E-commerce companies’ efficiency is improved by pooled inventory because all the information is on hand. The ability to access information at a moment notice reduces the errors that might occur due to the missed or incorrect communications among different sites. The company can concentrate its efforts and resources at a pool inventory and maximize automated tracking and reduce theft.

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