Running a business involves satisfying several different aspects of trade. A business must sell quality product, have good customer service, offer product returns and refunds, and — most importantly — successfully ship products to consumers. Shipping products is key to success.

Imagine buying something online and it arriving broken, not able to properly function, having cosmetic defects, or otherwise not up-to-par. How likely would you be to leave a positive review?


Choosing a suitable fulfillment center to package and ship your products to consumers is necessary to minimizing bad reviews on your products and business itself. Searching for and selecting a fulfillment center is time-consuming and difficult, but is necessary for maximizing the likelihood of positive reviews.

Search across various search engines for fulfillment centers in your area. Make a list of potential fulfillment centers that may meet your business’ needs. Contact each center and ask about their practices. Most importantly, ask to visit their physical location so you can see, thoroughly understand, and be assured of their packing and shipping procedures.

Physical inspection of their premises is key to having a fulfillment center that meets your needs.

Another strategy that may prove successful is identifying companies who use that fulfillment center. Make orders from those companies for products, even if you have no use for them. Have them shipped to a nondescript location unrelated to your business or anyone who has inquired that fulfillment center for a potential deal. Order fragile, sensitive items that need not be exposed to moisture, humidity, heat, or sunlight.

Thoroughly inspect the condition of the received products, making sure they were not damaged during shipped. Make sure to document what types of packing material they use to secure the products. If the fulfillment center does not use plenty of appropriate packing materials, you should consider another fulfillment center. Having multiple products shipped can help you understand what that fulfillment center offers.

By understanding what a fulfillment center actually offers and how they operate, you can ensure your business gets 5 star reviews on its products.

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