Split case picking is the most accurate way for businesses to complete their order fulfillment responsibilities. In this type of system, each item is manually picked from a storage box or open case. If this sounds familiar to you, you may have heard the terms each-pick or piece picking operations

used instead, as these words refer to the same type of system as split case picking. Usually, a split case picking system will be used to fulfill orders for a company that has a large amount of SKUs, as many as five figures worth, but low pick amounts, meaning orders only include one or two items.

Split case picking is a reliable option that is the typical system used by most warehouses around the world today. A pick list is simply printed and used by the worker to guide the pick process, making it a simple operation that results in a low amount of errors. These pick lists are used a second time during the packing and shipping phase to further confirm the correct item(s) were picked.

An obvious benefit is that this is the simplest picking system a warehouse can use, which results in a low amount of errors – keeping your customers happy. It is also an inexpensive operation, which makes it a strong contender to consider if your operation has recently expanded, or you are looking to utilize a new system. Lastly, the use of a split case system requires very minimal technology. This makes training employees to work within the system fast and easy. It also means there is a lower start-up cost to get your split case system up and running, as new technology will not have to be invested in.

You should use a split case system if you need an affordable and simple order fulfillment system.


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