If you’re a small business owner, selling on Amazon is almost a no-brainer. You get to take advantage of the massive amount of traffic, plus the listings and picture setup makes it incredibly easy to get started.

One of the major downsides, however,

is actually storing your goods at one of Amazon’s warehouses. The fees change depending on the time of year, so while storing one square foot worth of merchandise in March will only set you back $0.69, expect to pay $2.40 in November. The fulfillment costs can be much higher: $2.41 for a 1lb box all the way up to $137.32 for a “specialty oversized box” that weighs over 90lbs. At that scale, you’re talking about sales in the thousands of dollars.

Another cost, not to be overlooked, are the long-term storage fees. These are the fees that can be accrued once your inventory stays on Amazon’s shelves for a long period of time, normally $11.25 per cubic foot for the first year and $22.50 per cubic foot per year after that. Add all those costs up and you’ve got a pretty hefty fine to pay if you’re not moving merchandise.

Store a More Economical Way

That’s where we at Specialty Fulfillment Center can be a more friendly option. Not only will you generally get more customized pricing, you get personalized service which allows you to monitor your product better. Moreover, the integration with your current Shopify or Woocommerce store is simple, so there’s not a lot of hassle to set it up in the first place.

Our systems will help you develop an inventory management program that will ensure you’re moving inventory in at the appropriate time. Additionally, we offer full reports on where your stock is at any time, day or night. If you want full control over your inventory without the gross overhead of Amazon’s storage facilities, check us out at Specialty Fulfillment Center.


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