Are you planning on selling and shipping an item? If so, there is very important information that you should be familiar with regarding the size of the item you’re selling and the size of the package it will be shipped in. These two measurements, product dimensions and package dimensions are crucial pieces of information needed when you’re ready to ship your item.

Package Dimension

The package dimension refers to the size of the box, pouch, or parcel that your item will be shipped in. This 3-part measurement, length x width x height, informs the shipping company of the package size so that they can bill for shipping, accordingly. The measurements are gathered for each part and each are rounded to the nearest whole number when determining the cost of shipping. Please note that the larger the package, the higher the shipping charge will be. If you are unsure as to how to take these measurements, the staff at your local post office or courier service will gladly assist you.

Product Dimension

Separate from the package dimension is the measurement of the item itself. This is known as the product dimension. When items are listed for sale online or are placed in-store, the size of the product is noted in the description or on the outside of the package. Again, this is a 3-part measurement, generally length x width x height, that gives the consumer a better idea of the size of the object and helps them determine if they can accommodate it in the way they intend to use it.

The package and product dimensions are significant pieces of information; not only for shipping purposes, but for making transactions as seamless as possible. As the seller, these details allow you to budget for shipping costs, as well as provide your customers with information to help guide their purchase. Contact us for more information.


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