Fulfillment centers perform routine storing, packing, and shipping of items to customers, allowing e-commerce business owners to focus on driving traffic to their websites. Although these centers perform routine functions, they do differ from each other. The right fulfillment center will go a long

way toward keeping you in business. Conversely, a bad fulfillment center will sink your business.

When to Switch

Specialty Fulfillment understands the importance of efficient, pleasant service. We suggest that you switch fulfillment providers if yours does not do the following:

Offer Excellent Customer Service

Our call center representatives care as much as our e-commerce partners do about upholding their brand, which is why our representatives provide customers with a pleasant ordering experience. For our e-commerce partners, we offer web-based business strategies, custom order fulfillment, pooled inventory, and the option to add special projects in addition to standard functions.

Have the Ability to be Flexible

Unlike many of our competitors, we process returns and cancellations with ease.

Have Strategically Located Centers

Understanding that speedy delivery is of utmost importance, we placed our fulfillment centers close to where the majority of customers live and in close proximity to major highways and ports. Additionally, we have more than 10,000 square feet of storage space.

Have Up-To-Date Technology

We provide our e-commerce partners with real-time tracking, analysis, and the ability to integrate our system with e-commerce shopping carts.

Employ Experienced Representatives

With over 20 years of logistical management experience, Specialty Fulfillment can assure that the various fulfillment functions are done efficiently.

Why Use Specialty Fulfillment

Specialty Fulfillment understands that e-commerce business owners need to utilize a fulfillment center that is fully engaged with their e-commerce partners and handles their customers as if they were their own customers. We have a level of expertise and customer service that is hard to find.


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