Managing the SKUs of your company can be a daunting practice. Fulfillment services pricing is based on numerous factors, but not all of them necessarily depend on the quantity of your inventory. That being said, the more SKUs in a given company, the more diligently and carefully these SKUs

will have to be managed. A single SKU needs a unique location such as a slot or bin in a fulfillment center’s storage or shipping area. As you add and change the amount of a SKU or type, finding new locations for these SKUs is a delicate exercise. You can use efficient warehouse tactics and strategy to reduce costs of having numerous SKUs despite having such a large inventory.

SKU Management with Specialty Fulfillment Center

We are your go-to resource for successful SKU management so that you don’t have to spend a fortune on managing your larger inventory and the associated costs. Our team keeps data on and constantly monitors every aspect of fulfillment. Our skilled team at Specialty Fulfillment Center use SFC EasyOrder and a variety of other analytics so you can track every aspect of your orders. Lower warehouse costs, manage inventory, and potentially increase your working capital with the help of Specialty Fulfillment Center.

Are you ready to grow your business?

If you think it’s time to expand your business, you need to be prepared for the added costs of a larger SKU inventory. Trust our team at Specialty Fulfillment Center to help manage your larger inventory so that you can rest assured that your products are being handled carefully and with expert hands.

We Can Help with your SKU Management!

Our team is committed to helping you with every step of your order. We understand that a growing business needs careful strategic planning and our trained staff at Specialty Fulfillment Center are eager to assist you and your business with all your inventory management concerns.


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