Businesses everywhere are discovering just how much money they can save by using Specialty Fulfilment Center as an FBA alternative. Filling orders in a timely manner is important to any company. Customers are demanding fast efficient service, and we are stepping up to the plate as FBA alternative.

Profits Increase

The goal of any business is to increase their profit margin. Using Specialty Fulfillment Center as an FBA Alternative is the first step to experiencing an escalation in income each month. There are 5 ways that we can offer better service to our customers and maximize opportunities for growth.

1. Cost Reduction

Saving money on shipping costs puts money back into a company. Specialty Fulfillment Center allows businesses to take advantage of bulk delivery options, which results in lower rates. This savings adds up quickly especially if the business is processing large amount of orders each month.

2. Customer Service Satisfaction

Customers expect to receive their orders quickly. An FBA Alternative should offer 24/7 services such as:

  • Email and phone orders
  • Returns
  • Exchanges
  • Refunds
  • Same day deliveries
  • Guaranteed delivery date

Studies show that satisfied customers are loyal customers.

3. Wider Global Influence

The further a company’s reach, the more influence power they have. More people than ever before can order because of Specialty Fulfillment Center. Our global platform opens up a whole new market for businesses.

4. Efficient Management Procedures

Specialty Fulfillment Center specializes in management services. We are available to help businesses develop programs to help them decrease cost and manage inventory. Our modern technology helps clients establish successful strategies.

5. Larger Profit Margins

Companies need to see profits to sustain themselves. We focus on getting businesses on the right track to financial success by offering complete order fulfillment solutions.

See how we can help streamline your business and increase your profits as a Fulfillment By Amazon Alternative. Contact us today!


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