Fulfillment by Amazon, shortened to FBA, allows you to store your products at Amazon warehouses. Amazon will handle all aspects of storing your items and shipping them to your customers. However, there are some drawbacks to using Fulfillment by Amazon.

The Higher Costs of Fulfillment by Amazon

It is typically convenient to send all of your items in one shipment to one warehouse, but FBA does not work that way. FBA has you send the items to multiple fulfillment centers which in turn makes the shipping costs more expensive. You may also have to pay sales tax if the fulfillment centers are in a state in which collecting sales tax is a requirement. If your items sit around for a long time, you will still incur fees for storing your items.

A Better Solution – FBA Alternative

Specialty Fulfillment Center can help with all three of these Fulfillment by Amazon issues. With our fulfillment center, you can store your items in one location which removes the issue of tracking sales tax by state. Compared to the high shipping fees of FBA, Specialty Fulfillment Center has lower shipping costs associated with the service. Specialty Fulfillment Center also offers Multi Sales Channel Integration, so your items can be shipped to customers who are not buying on Amazon. The service integrates with websites such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Ultra-Cart.

Expertise in Fulfillment Needs

Compliance with FBA can also be a tricky business. There are so many requirements that need to be met – prep, packaging, shipping, box weight, box dimensions, and even more additional requirements. It can be hard for a seller to do all of this alone. Specialty Fulfillment Center will handle all aspects of FBA requirements. The fulfillment center currently has shipped over 15 million packages for over 30 thousand businesses and has integrated with over 20 thousand shopping carts. Rely on our expertise to handle your fulfillment needs!


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