One of the hottest trends in the entrepreneurial world with loads of income potential is selling subscriptions for prepackaged items that are sent monthly to interested and excited customers.

It makes sense that it would be so popular

with today’s customers. Who doesn’t love receiving something fun in the mail? With everything from dog treats and athletic gear, to meal preps and make-up, the subscription box business is booming, so why not take advantage of it?

Steps to Starting Your Own Subscription Box Business

Start with the Idea

Think about what people need and what might be underserved. A creative, unique idea is always the first step.

Price Your Box

Decide your price point using information about your target customer. How much are they willing to pay?

Put Together a Sample

Whether you are supplying all the items in the box or working with distributors, plan what would go into your introductory box and quantify the hard cost versus your retail price.

Set Up Your Distribution

By hiring a fulfillment company, like Specialty Fulfillment Center, you can streamline the shipping process without getting overwhelmed in the world of eCommerce and API details. We can also help by providing kitting services for a professional finishing touch.

Plan Your Marketing

Develop your website and other branding and marketing materials. Many subscription box companies rely on heavy social media marketing, so setting up your online presence is integral to success.

Grow Your Business and Start Taking Orders

With marketing in place, ideally, the orders can start rolling in. With fulfillment services in place, you won’t be busy running around making shipments, so you can focus on growing your subscriber base and making your company a success.

Starting your own business can feel overwhelming at times, so having a professional team in place to help can be the difference between success and failure. That is why it is important to have a fulfillment business that is professionally experienced and skilled to do it for you, so your efforts are spent building your subscription box business and making it a success.


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