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With over 20 years of experience in logistical management for growing companies, SFC has a full range of solutions that support your growth.

We specialize in helping growing businesses develop and manage competitive, web-based business strategies that support growth and manage costs.

With over 30,000 sq. ft. of capacity and proprietary technologies, SFC provides personal service and experience for a wide range of services that support your business needs:

Experience in Product Fulfillment Matters

Specialty Fulfillment Center (SFC) was started in 1990. I owned a commercial warehouse. One of my clients got me started doing some small parcel shipping for them. I realized that I needed a processing system that would support the needs of clients and be efficient for my staff to use. I spec’d a WMS (EasyOrder) to be built by a team of developers. Then I started doing some market research to expand my client base. I discovered that getting a price quote from a fulfillment center was a very confusing convoluted process. Being a sophisticated provider in the business, I knew could provide superior service, better pricing, and provide high-quality solutions for small to medium-sized underserved companies.

My timing was excellent. E-commerce was just getting started. Jeff Bezos was still just selling books. Two years later I sold my Commercial Warehouse business and focused completely on SFC.

During the early ninety’s the fulfillment sector was a mess. Traditional fulfillment centers were still sending out catalogs. Ecommerce had no direction. Shopping carts were proprietary software platforms custom built to a site. The shopping cart problem was a large deterrent to entering the eCommerce segment. But technology was the key to success.

The shopping cart technology matured. You could now purchase a cart and simply connect it to your site. The shopping carts allowed data to be exported to the fulfillment center. From this point forward SFC was in the data exchange industry. Not only do we collect shipping info efficiently, but we send back all the information we generate in the shipping process.

Technology provides our clients powerful solutions to their fulfillment needs. The platform was designed to be very flexible to the needs of our clients. We have realized that servicing our client’s needs changes as their business becomes more successful and sophisticated. It’s all about competence and experience.

Product Fulfillment to our client’s customers is the primary service we provide. It is still picking, packing, and shipping its customer’s orders. We have studied the process and utilize a two-person team method. This process delivers the most accurate and efficient results for our clients.

After twenty-some years of progress and success. SFC provides a powerful solution for getting your customer’s products to them efficiently and accurately. SFC is only about order fulfillment. It is our only focus. We are not distracted by any of the other logistic noise. We have matured in the fulfillment industry into a professional, industry-leading solution in the fulfillment sector. Yes, experience matters.

"A level of service and expertise you will have difficulty getting anywhere else"

SFC is committed to delivering a full range of order fulfillment solutions in an easy-to-implement, cost-effective, and friendly manner.