API Integration

Online Inventory Management Software - EasyOrder API

API integration is essential for fulfillment centers– the ability to access information from their client’s e-commerce software on a consistent basis is key to successful order fulfillment and your customer’s overall happiness. Specialty Fulfillment Center understands API integration and can ensure your packing and shipping runs smoothly with the help of smart and successful API Integration.

API stands for application programming interface and it consists of code or a particular set of rules and specifications that allow software programs to communicate with each other. This serves as an interface between two different pieces of software so that they can interact smoothly.

API integration gets order information in our hands quickly and cuts out leg work for you (the seller).

A fully integrated system means a more efficient and more automated process. That makes it easier for your business as all the order information is automatically sent directly to the fulfillment center. Once information is received, your order is picked and shipped all in line with shipping and ordering software to keep your orders smooth and consistent.

Now, with the new SFC’s EasyOrder, an entrepreneur’s computers can talk directly to SFC’s computers. Requesting orders to be shipped, tracking orders, and it can now be done automatically.

No matter who handles your order fulfillment, ensure they are able to integrate seamlessly with your company with the help of API Integration. Specialty Fulfillment Center can help with integration with Ultracart, Shopify, Click Bank, Amazon, Limelight, BigCommerce and a whole host of others to ensure that communication is clear and there are less errors on your order fulfillment, resulting in happier (and returning) customers.

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