Case Studies

Ecommerce Fulfillment Center's Case Studies

SIMUL8 Corporation develops enterprise-level simulation software used in business, government, and education. Their mission is to enhance the way people make and communicate decisions by bringing simulation technology to the desktops of mainstream computer users. SFC provides dependable next-day delivery of software to Simul8 clients throughout North America.

SFC Services: Order fulfillmentinventory management, electronic reporting.

Having pioneered the corporate legal services industry in 1892, today CT Corporation is a leading provider of compliance and governance workflow tools and services to corporate legal departments and law firms. The partner of choice to 80% of the Fortune 1000, CT helps corporate legal professionals more efficiently manage corporate compliance, governance, and litigation workflows, and implement cost controls in collaboration with the law firms that serve them.

As the leading registered agent in America, CT’s expert services and intelligent workflow tools help its customers to complete essential compliance and governance activities including corporate records management and SEC reporting, annual report filing, other business entity and UCC filings, and equity compensation plan management. Through its recent acquisition of TyMetrix, CT Corporation also provides leading-edge matter management and e-billing tools and services.

SFC Services: E-Commerce infrastructure design & implementation, program management, inventory managementorder fulfillment, electronic reporting.

The Digital Home promises to connect us, inspire us and keep us entertained. So why do we spend so much time managing home network issues, keeping our applications up to date, fending off viruses and spyware, and being the referee when our digital devices won’t “talk” to each other?

Sereniti provides an easy all-in-one solution to achieve the promises of the Digital Home. Our managed service saves you valuable time by overcoming the complexities of installing, supporting, and maintaining your home network, along with the multitude of digital devices (PCs, printers, media servers, game consoles, etc.) within your home. Lemur makes the Digital Homework for you, instead of you working for it.

SFC Services: eCommerce infrastructure design & implementation, program management, inventory managementorder fulfillment, electronic reporting kitting, and assembly.

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