DVD & Book Programs

DVD & Book

We recently brought in some film producers, multi media producers, and authors as fulfillment clients. We’d like to do business with more of you!

Across the web we see other book fulfillment program that seem affordable — until all of the extra charges appear on your bill!

At SFC, you pay just for the orders we process and the space your books use onsite.

Monthly Storage

Storage for your first pallet of books & videos is $35/month. Additional pallets are $12 each. (1 pallet = approx 20 cases )

Single Unit Orders

These rates don’t include packaging and shipping fee’s. You can log on to our Order Management software and verify order activity & inventory reports at no charge.

$1.25 per order + $.25 for each additional unit.


An order for 3 DVD’s=$1.25+.75=$2.00

Full Case Fulfillment Orders

Case shipments are handy for titles sold through Amazon & independent book stores.

"A level of service and expertise you will have difficulty getting anywhere else"

SFC is committed to delivering a full range of order fulfillment solutions in an easy-to-implement, cost-effective, and friendly manner.