SFC EasyOrder - Web-Based Fulfillment and Inventory Management Software

Web-Based Order Processing and Inventory Management with Specialty Fulfillment Center's EasyOrder Software

  • Login to SFC EasyOrder - secure management site
  • View order process
  • Check inventory levels
  • Complete reporting available

SFC EasyOrder is Specialty Fulfillment Center's proprietary online order fulfillment solution. It is an integrated, web-based fulfillment reporting technology. Information and data is live and available 24/7. SFC EasyOrder is included for free with the services provided by SFC.

Our software integrates directly with your shopping cart. Simply send your Shipping Data file to SFC EasyOrder, allowing your orders to flow seamlessly to our facility for processing. Processing happens automatically and you can actually follow the results in real-time, anytime over the web.


Your inventory information is updated in real-time. Your customer receives a customized shipment confirmation email with shipping and tracking information so they are fully informed of the order status.

Utilize the many reporting functions currently available, or you can customize reports to fit your own business needs.

"A level of service and expertise you will have difficulty getting anywhere else"

SFC is committed to delivering a full range of order fulfillment solutions in an easy-to-implement, cost effective, and friendly manner.