Frequently Asked Questions

New clients will first set up a deposit account with us, which can either be done with a checking account or bank wire. Then we pull from that account as we process orders to fulfill postage. Quick and Easy!

Tracking for an international order works a little differently. The customer will get delivery confirmation, but that means the package was delivered at the customs office of the receiving country. Once customs processes the package, it gets sent to the recipient with no additional tracking.

Calculating postage is simple and easy! For USPS, you can go to and use their postage calculator, just enter zip codes and ship type, that’s it! For FedEx, use their calculator at The same process, enter location and product weight and you’re there!

There are quite a few ways to get set up to transmit orders. You can use a shopping cart integration like Shopify or Ultracart right on your website which can transmit orders directly to us. Or, you can send over a formatted Excel spreadsheet with orders and our system can load them up and get them out for packing. As a last resort, you can email the order information directly, and for a small fee, we can type out an order for you.

Kitting is a term used in order fulfillment to refer to the assembly of individual items into ready-to-ship sets, or kits. In most cases, completed kits are placed into storage to be shipped at a later time. Also, kits are generally assigned a unique SKU number to differentiate the assembled kit from its individual components and to allow the kit to be inventoried and tracked as a single unit.

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We do not have an insurable interest in your inventory. That means that we do not offer any sort of insurance on the inventory in our warehouse. You can look into private insurance for that. We, however, are insured for up to $1,000,000 for damage or loss due to negligence on the fulfillment center’s side.

An insert is a promotional material, a coupon, or even product information that you want to include with your order. It is something we can actually “insert” into each package that we ship out for your customers.

Shipping materials include labels, boxes, tape, and void fill (packaged air)that we pack each box with in order to prevent any damage to the product during shipment.

The main reason a USPS delivery confirmation is important is because it allows who you set up your Merchant Account with to be able to see that the product was actually shipped out. It also helps you track and confirm your packages by letting you know the date and time your shipment has been delivered or that a delivery attempt was made.

First things first, we will confirm and ship out the correct item immediately. Then we go by what the client preference is. We can either send a return label with the item, or we will decide if it even makes sense to have the item be returned to us. For small, low-cost items, we avoid inconveniencing a customer with the hassle of shipping the wrong item back to us.

A merchant account is a bank account that lets the merchant accept credit cards for payment. This is integral for an e-commerce company as credit cards will be the primary method of payment. In order to set up a merchant account, you must first have a business bank account. Lastly, you need to apply to a bank for a merchant account. They will require your business EIN, business bank account information, and the projected processing volume of your business. The greater the amount you intend to transact, the more documentation the underwriter will want to see with your application. If your business is only looking to process a couple of thousand dollars a month, you may only need to provide a voided check and marketing material (proving that you’re actively conducting business) to get started. If you want/need to apply to process larger amounts, be prepared to provide more financial information, such as several months of bank statements. In some cases, you may be asked to provide up to two years of financial statements in the form of profit and loss statements along with balance sheets.

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