Kitting Services by Specialty Fulfillment Center

In a competitive online marketplace, there are only a few differentiating factors between companies. The kitting process helps our clients win online. Our kitting facility can help virtually any company big or small. Specialty Fulfillment Center works with your organization to ensure your order fulfillment is the best possible.

SFC Kitting Details and Frequently Asked Questions

How Kitting Works For E-Commerce
Typically bulk finished products are shipped from the manufacturing facility to our kitting warehouse. The bulk shipments are broken down into individual pieces in preparation for the process. During the assembly process a new product is created and unique SKU is assigned for inventorying purposes. Individual SKUs’ streamline the warehousing and fulfillment processes for e-commerce end users. Orders that require a variety of pieces take more time to assemble during the fulfillment stage of an online order than pre-assembled ready-to-ship items. Kitting complementary products speeds up fulfillment giving your customers what they ordered faster.

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SFC is committed to delivering a full range of order fulfillment solutions in an easy-to-implement, cost-effective, and friendly manner.