LimeLight CRM

Customer Management

One of the key elements to your success relies on the quality of relationships that you build with your customers. The better you get to know and understand your customers’ needs, the more efficient you will be at offering ongoing support and increase your customer retention. At the same time, this will be of great benefit to elaborate better strategies that will help you convert potential prospects into customers.

In order to help you achieve this level of interaction with your customers, Lime Light CRM offers you a very user-friendly interface that allows you to easily access your customer database and search through their order history; the orders are highly organized in different tabs based on their status, and the system allows you to securely update their records, apply any necessary actions to their existing orders and also take care of any future inquiries that they may have, as well as it allows you to upsell them at any time.

Besides your customer database, the system will also provide you with a complete prospect database that will allow you follow up with them, salvage their orders, add notes to their records and even export these records to provide to your Call Center provider automatically.

E-Commerce Storefront

Entirely web-based solution, Lime Light CRM provides you the necessary tools to quickly create and set up multiple types of online campaigns; they can be one page or two pages, with a single product or multiple products, with upsell or without them, each one with its own look and feels. To better suit your needs, it also supports several types of billing models, including single billing and automated continuity billing, giving you the full flexibility to work with different types of programs and business strategies.

In order to streamline the entire Campaign and Order Management process, we have multiple third-party providers, such as Payment Gateways, Auto-Responders, Fulfillment Centers, Affiliate Tracking Systems, Anti-Fraud Providers and many others. We also offer you internal tools that will assist you with other processes such as Chargeback Management.

Orders can be posted to the CRM directly from your web-forms, you can use our robust APIs to post orders acquired through other solutions, or you can take orders over the phone and place them directly in your system through the call center feature.

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