Pooled Inventory (PI)

Pooled Inventory (PI)

Sell in more places, both online and offline. Learn how SFC makes it easy to track all sales in one location with multi-channel inventory management.

A solution procedure is proposed for the derivation of the optimal parameters determining the ordering and lateral transshipment rules. Relationships between the measures of service level before and after pooling are derived, and it is concluded that pooling always improves the service levels at both locations. Minimization of total costs’subject to service level constraints is also studied.

Track Inventory Accurately with Our Unique Mapping System

If stock quantities are accurate, the risk of overselling is eliminated. Our inventory tracking system syncs inventory across all your online and offline sales channels 24/7, and updates stock quantities as a sale is made.

The success of your business begins and ends with an inventory. The more accurate and automated your data, the better prepared you are to handle greater order volume and grow your business. The more comprehensive your inventory management program, the less you’ll oversell, exhaust precious time and resources, and pull your hair out trying to manage a business with spreadsheets.

This inventory management solution offers you a simple, all-in-one tool to streamline sales and automate data transfers across your marketplaces, shopping carts, and brick-and-mortar stores. Our web-based inventory, sales order, purchasing, shipping, dropshipping, and listing management software manages all of your eCommerce data processes.

Here’s How Specialty Fulfillment Center Handles Inventory for Your Unique Needs

Whether you are selling hundreds or thousands of different SKUs and kit variations, you can count on us to keep it accurate!

Individual Products

Just like with kits, bundles, and built products, the inventory quantity available for your products is auto-synced across sales channels as the sale takes place. If you want to make adjustments to product attributes, you can edit the active listing of the item based on what each sales channel allows for.

Built Products

Within our inventory tracking software, you can define manufactured items and what materials are used to create the completed item. When you sell the item (or in preparation for the sale), you can create a work order to track the build or manufacture. This will decrease the quantity of the raw materials used and increase the quantity of the finished good. Our built product system gives you visibility into the cost of building and how to appropriately price the finished item.

Kits & Bundles

Specialty Fulfillment Center tracks items within kits and bundles at the product level. The quantity of the kit displayed on sales channels will be based on the quantity of individual products that make up the kit. You can sell the individual products alongside the kit, and define the price as you see fit. We will remove the kit listing once one or all of its individual products are shipped.

Save Time

SFC helps you streamline and automate most of the manual inventory tasks that steal away your hours.

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SFC is committed to delivering a full range of order fulfillment solutions in an easy-to-implement, cost-effective, and friendly manner.